Vehicle Inspection Sheets

Vehicle Inspection Sheets

DATE: 2/21/19
TO: All Drivers
FROM: Dan Dragin

Effective immediately the following penalties will be assessed for any driver that does not CORRECTLY fill out his daily vehicle inspection sheet:
• Delivery driver: Will not receive the $30 Daily dispatch/no damage bonus
• Moving driver: Will be docked 2 hours from your day

This activity is very important for many reasons, but two in particular…
1. This is required by the PUCO and DOT, and we can be heavily fined if we get audited & these are not complete.
2. We have had an excessive number of truck accidents – many of which have been the result of the driver not knowing the height of their vehicle. This will be one of the first items you will have to fill out on your form.

Delivery drivers now have this form in digital format on your tablets. Moving drivers will still have to fill out the paper form, however we are anticipating all moving forms to go digital before peak summer season hits.

If you have any questions on how to fill this form out properly, please see your Operations Manager.


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