Referral bonus for new employee recruiting

Referral bonus for new employee recruiting

DATE: 4/24/19
TO: All employees (other than mgt tasked with recruiting)
FROM: Dan Dragin

I am happy to announce a new program being rolled out immediately in an effort to incentivize our employees to assist All American with recruiting new staff members. This bonus will apply towards any position we are trying to fill. At the moment we are looking for drivers primarily, but also helpers depending on the number of drivers hired.

You will paid WEEKLY for every person you recruit, as well as every person THEY recruit, and so on down the line. This payout will continue INDEFINITELY as long as you both remain employed by All American. This program also applies to those people you recruit, which should provide a great incentive for them to join our team. This program could add a significant addition to your weekly income.

Please see video for further explanation: Watch video from Owner Dan Dragin
See Recruitment Flow Chart Referenced in Video.

flow chart pay levels

Not only should you be recruiting those you know, but we will also be providing you with a card/flyer to hand out or post to those you may not know. The flyer will have a spot for your name, so that you will be awarded that bonus if someone acts upon that flyer you distribute. Ideas for recruiting…

  • Post a flyer at your gym, church, apartment complex, restaurants, etc.
  • Hand out to others that work at moving/delivery companies when you see them

All American has been turning away a tremendous amount of business for over a year due to a lack of qualified employees. We have been paying recruiting sources such as Indeed, Monster and Craigslist thousands of dollars to bring in the right people. We would prefer that money goes to you.


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