Driving in/to/from an unauthorized location

DATE: 04/23/21
TO: All Drivers
CC: All Other Field Staff
FROM: Dan Dragin

As you all should be aware, All American faces tremendous liability every day by driving heavy duty trucks in the public space. We therefore cannot accept any liability if you should happen to get into an accident while not on an authorized route to/from a customer location. This includes traveling to personal residences to drop off staff. There will be times when we direct you to pickup staff, and perhaps on occasion to drop off staff which will be covered, but if you are not given those instructions by management you will be taking on all liability as the driver of the vehicle. We do not intend to track your movement on any sort of a regular basis, so if you should decide to drop someone off, pick something up at your residence that you may have forgotten to bring in, go to lunch well outside the parameters of your job, etc. you will be assuming all liability. This also includes anytime you borrow a truck for personal use – regardless of the fact you may be paying All American a small stipend for expenses. We will not be accepting liability for any accidents that may occur.

I appreciate your understanding of this matter.


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