Do not fill up our trucks at Pilot

DATE: 11/7/20
TO: All Drivers
FROM: Dan Dragin
RE: Do not fill up our trucks at Pilot

We have realized that Pilot charges approximately $0.15 more per gallon for diesel on a regular basis.  If you multiply that number by the thousands of gallons we purchase every year, we arrive at multiple thousands of dollars that we are over-spending for fuel.

I realize many of you like to go to Pilot in the mornings for Wendy’s and other things, but we’ve realized this has become an expensive habit.  That being said we need to create the habit of NOT fueling up at Pilot…

Effective November 10th and through the end of the month, every receipt you turn in for fuel that is NOT from Pilot will give you an entry in to a drawing for a $25 gift card from BP

Starting December 1st, we will have to enforce a penalty for filling up at Pilot.  That penalty will be $0.30 per gallon.  The only time it will be acceptable to fill up at Pilot is if you are going there to weigh a truck.


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